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Seasonal Maintenance Program

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In New England, our boating season is so short that we treasure every moment. In fact, we put so much focus on the months we can be out on the water that, sometimes, we ignore what happens to our boats the other nine months of the year!

Here's the truth: Any boat shop has more time in the fall than in the spring! If you want to be sure you won't miss a single day of spring on the water, plan to have your boat cared for when it comes out of the water in the fall, NOT in the early spring, when so many other boat owners are also suddenly anxious to get their boats ready for Memorial Day weekend!

We will evaluate your boat when she first comes to us and provide a long-range plan for maintaining her in top condition for many years to come. Perhaps your boat needs extensive attention right away -- or perhaps some maintenance or repairs can wait until the end of the season, or even next year.

Our goal is to restore the basic integrity of your hull, the brightwork, and even the interior of your boat. We'll give you a step-by-step evaluation of the boat with recommendations for a schedule of restoration and maintenance that won't break the bank -- but will give you the prettiest, soundest boat on the water year after year.

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